Public Holidays Singapore 2009

was such a ponteng king in school previously.

Why? Because I always have my own self-declared holidays. Or when I do decide to come to school, I’ll always be late. And I would always write my usual reasoning on the late arrival slip-note as, “Misjudgement of time” … haha, pretty cheeky for a 15 year old eh.

Well fast-forward another 15 years later, heavily stressed from the working world these days, this Uncle and many Singaporeans can only rely on the very few public holidays that we have.

So trying to be cheeky once again, here’s Public Holidays Singapore 2009, well whatever left of it now in the coming seven months lah.

Start planning early now to provide what ever ‘valid’ reasons to give your HR or boss that you cannot come to work, if you want a longer ponteng-ing MIA period during holiday week.

Btw here’s a good site that lists “Excuses to Skip Work“. Kekekekeee … I’m such a bad influence on my readers.