Mas Selamat is Melayu Boleh

Mas Selamat is Melayu Boleh .I woke up this morning and my account augment says Mas Selamat Melayu Boleh has been captured! Wow I absolutely anticipation he was a foregone cessation afterwards his Copperfield dematerialization act from Whitley apprehension centre on February 27 aftermost year via a toilet window, and would never resurface again, but lo and behold, Encik mas selamat affairs was aghast none added than our Malaysian counterparts.

Yes he’s there currently and it seems he has been captured some six weeks ago in Johor Bahru on April 1st, no its no April Fools joke, and now alone clearly the chat is out he’s beneath arrest. I account we’ve an displacement acceding with Malaysia Melayu Boleh , and will be brought aback to Singapore to face added counts of accuse for his escape.

Mas Selamat bin Kastari Melayu Boleh, the able Singapore active arrested in Malaysia, and the declared arch of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in the Singapore had eluded our better manhunt anytime which lasted added than a year, and I absolutely appetite to apperceive how he did that.

Did he had help, what was his plan of escape. Will there be a Prison Break 2: Singapore adaptation by Mediacorp, hehe, but I’m absolutely abiding Crimewatch would acclaim this abduction in their abutting adventure show.


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