5 M’sians nabbed in Hatyai with fake US dollars

5 M’sians nabbed in Hatyai with fake US dollars

BANGKOK: Five Malaysians were arrested in the southern city of Hatyai, following the seizure of United States counterfeit notes with a face value of US$34,000.

This is believed to be the biggest seizure there in five years, said Hatyai police chief Suphawat Patkriew.

He said the suspects were in possesion of 340 notes of US$100 note each when the police picked them up at a tour agency while trying to change the money.

“They are currently being held at the Songkhla prison, pending further investigations.

“Once the investigations are completed and documents ready, we will charge them in court. Until then, we are allowed to hold them for up to 84 days,” he added.

Suphawat said, initial investigations revealed that the suspects, aged between 20 and 40, had brought the counterfeit money from Malaysia and had intended to spend it in Hatyai.

He said the seizure of the counterfeit notes was the biggest in four to five years at the city, a popular destination for holidaymakers from Malaysia.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Thai police are in the midst of tracking down a Malaysian man, believed to be the mastermind of a syndicate distributing US counterfeit notes in the country, especially in the southern cities bordering Malaysia.

Several of the man’s Thai accomplices were arrested early this year, but he managed to flee, said Thai police officials. – Melayu Boleh


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